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January 30 2018

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   Another photo of the Navajos banning the swastika.

The document they are signing starts off: “Because the above ornament, which has been a sign of friendship among our forefathers for many centuries has been desecrated recently by another nation of peoples.”

[second paragraph] “Therefore it is resolved that henceforth from this date on and forever more our tribes renounce the use of the emblem commonly known today as the swastika or fylfot on our blankets, baskets, art objects, sandpaintings and clothing.”

“But I’m using it in it’s ORIGINAL meaning!”


My respect and my heart goes out to the Navajo nation for the willing amputation of a symbol that belonged to them. I had no idea.

October 23 2017

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he’s real


I think villains in fiction would be a lot more successful if they didn’t give their secret projects code names referring to myths or legends that give away the nature of the project. Like, hmm, yes, I will be suspicious about necromancy if your mysterious secret plans are called Project Eurydice.


me at life:

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My bank account:



I just imagined a jeopardy category of solely vine references

“I’ll take vines for $200 alex”

“hurricane Katrina… more like ____”

“What is hurricane tortilla?”

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delete this immediately 

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Just a couple of Gals being Pals 🥂

Also, how much does this look like Shae Coolee and Sasha Velour?

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this is the happiest goat i’ve ever seen

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October 04 2017

the signs as aesthetics


aries - dirty high tops, varsity jackets, sunrises, graffiti, pins and patches, lightning, live concerts, wide grins, lollipops, skinny jeans, matches, the moment before the drop on a roller coaster

taurus - flower crowns, oversized sweaters, mom jeans, mugs, leather, log fires, sunlight peeking through the window, leaves, succulents, journals, sleeping in on the weekends, messy buns

gemini - bright eyes, bicycles, overalls, new friends, art museums, iced coffee, infectious laughter, pastel colors, bubblegum, new books, speakers, yellow highlighter, singing in the shower

cancer - the beach, hair blowing in the wind, bath bombs, conch shells, balloons, the moon, soft serve, the sound of raindrops against the window, knee high socks, running barefoot, inspirational quotes

leo - gold stars, sparklers, mascara, romantic poetry, mirrors, sunflowers, running through a meadow, glitter, fairy lights, hot baths, monarch butterflies, sunny days, bright eyeshadow

virgo - french braids, calligraphy, bookstores, collared shirts, to-do lists, teacups, watercolors, mason jars, dainty hands, cuffed pants, fresh linens, classic literature, potted plants, bullet journals, clear aviators

libra - cotton candy clouds, bubble baths, cherry blossoms, lace, lip gloss, ferris wheels, gentle eyes, holding hands, pink lemonade, candy hearts, novels, birds chirping, strawberries, vintage cars

scorpio - sunsets, midnight conversations, driving on an empty highway, listening to the radio, rainy days, crescent moon, tv static, all-nighters, white sheets, the ocean

sagittarius - road trips, beanies, doodling, maps, getting lost, stargazing, forests, fireflies, polaroids, cameras, paint-stained jeans, light bulbs, messy ponytails, traveling the world

capricorn - architecture, silhouettes, sheet music, mountains, old books, coffee shops, high ceilings, history museums, skylines, nude lipstick, spiral staircases, neat handwriting, cobblestone

aquarius - combat boots, neon signs, geodes, starry skies, pool water, song lyrics, bulky headphones, space, telescopes, multi-colored fairy lights, smoke, activism, 24-hour gas stations, dyed hair

pisces - daydreaming, umbrellas, finger paint, sketchbooks, getting lost in your thoughts, ice cream trucks, earphones, leggings, sweatshirts, paint chips, swing sets, daisies, milkshakes, bubbles, scented candles

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me except I never stop myself

October 03 2017




two things i want:

  • a chopped-style cooking show where the judges have no cooking experience
  • a chopped-style cooking show where the competitors have no cooking experience

“i open the basket and i see tomatoes, and i’m immediately thinking ‘oh fuck i dont even like tomatoes god shittign damn”

A chopped-style cooking where where neither the judges nor the competitors have any cooking experience, but both groups are told that the other group does, and they try to convince each other that they do too with nonsense words and unnecessarily complicated dishes.



Should I go to Waffle House at midnight on Friday the 13th?

Yes. A portal will open and you will simultaneously be at all Waffle Houses at once, but on a separate plane of reality.



Ah yes October, that wonderful time of the year where everyone is Quirky™ for liking Halloween more than the average person.

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he looks like hes about to write one of those “me, an intellectual” posts

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