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May 22 2017

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Embroidery art by Sheena Liam




Can we normalize the idea that women can have deep voices? please??
Especially for trans women who feel gross or out of place for their deep voice.

Please, break the standard that all women have high pitched, perfect, feminine voices.

My car got towed on NYE, so after unsuccessfully trying every number programmed into my phone, I called my dad’s ass up at 2 AM to pick up myself and my friends to go get my vehicle out of impound (my dad is awesome. More on that later.)

Included in my group of friends was my friend Anna who had recently come forward as trans. She had very recently started presenting as a woman, and was pretty insecure in it, and had never met my father previously, so it wasn’t as though I had time to brief him on the situation. Anna was pretty shy during the whole ride, tucked in the back and letting her friends talk over her. She only spoke up after I had gotten my car back, thanking him for helping out.

The next day, I called to thank him for that night, and he asked me who was the girl with the deep voice. At first my heart sink in my guts, but without missing a beat, he started raving about how he LOVED her voice. He listed off a few actresses from his day who had had very deep voices, and how he adored it, and that kind of slow sultry speaking had been fading more and more as pop culture pushed for childish voices in women.

Your deep voice is gorgeous trans friends (and cis friends too.) it is warm and low and smooth like honey and perfect in every way. It is smoldering and evocative and absolutely beautiful.

Growly lady voices do me the pitter pat!. Nomi from sense 8 has a perfect smoky voice that just feels great in my ears


as soon as i feel rejected in ANY way at all, something as little as not replying to my text i automatically shut down and start to believe my person doesn’t like me, is looking for someone else, is over with me, etc. it’s so emotionally overbearing and i wish i knew how to change it.

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who is going to ride or die for me this hard




i know everyone describes mothman as being a big, fluffy black (or white in some accounts) moth creature but what if, because it was usually dark/in the distance when people saw it

one time mothman comes out in the daytime and everyone sees that mothman really looks like this

mothman is pink and yellow. it’s just a huge rosy maple moth.




One minute I be looking for someone to get lost with.

The next minute I be like fuck it, I know the way.


I set a low balance notification on my bank account, but since I never have a high balance it is more like a daily reminder to get my shit together.

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do you know how cute i would be if i had more money 

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this is probably my favorite joke from futurama tbh


I love when people are direct with their feelings so we can mutually understand each other and build and understanding and apologize and rebuild if needed.

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i’m both of them

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A new water breed

Jaguars actually love water, and are one of the few felines that happily swim.

I love how she’s just floating back up.

they eat caimans

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I walk a lonely road the only one that I have ever known

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The importance of consent: a narrative.

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Deadpool (2016)

Reposted byhappykokeshiMrrruk




happy mother’s day, earth. i’m sorry we are destroying you

For hundreds of thousands of years “mother earth” sent every horror under the sun against her human children. Plague, drought, famine, volcanic detonation, and destruction on an enormous scale decase after decade, century after century.

And you find fault with us?

A mother who tortured her children the way she’s tortured us isn’t fit to bear the title “mother”. A mother who feeds and then starves, a mother who gives birth and then slaughters…

That she should find our blade at her throat now should be a surprise to none involved. We owe her nothing, least of all the compassion she’s never shown us.

you ever hated women so much you pulled receipts on a fucking planet

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